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Burnham Electric Suite

For more information:

The Burnham electric suite is a stylish and complete offering from Dimplex. A stunning focal point for any space, the suite incorporates the realistic flame effects available from the Optimyst range.

The fire can operate via a remote control and can even be used independently of the fully concealed 2kW heater, meaning you can enjoy the classic feel of the fire all year round.

The thermostatic controls mean you can set your fire to produce heat when the room drops to a certain temperature, helping to maintain comfort in your home.

The design is elegant yet simple, blending in perfectly with any interior design.

The Dimplex Optimyst range is state-of-the-art, using established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra-fine water mist that rises up and works with the under fuel bed lighting to give a fully three dimensional fire effect. The result is so authentic that it is regularly mistaken for true flames and smoke.

A visual focal point for any space, the Burnham is an eye-catching fire filled with features you will love.

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