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Counter Top Slabs

Download Brochure:
Armera March 2024 brochure cover.png

- Dapple white grey (20mm)
SL.670.500.1 500mm
SL.670.600.1 600mm
SL.670.800.1 800mm
SL.670.1200.1 1200mm

- Tempest black (20mm)
SL.670.500.2 500mm
SL.670.600.2 600mm
SL.670.800.2 800mm
SL.670.1200.2 1200mm

- Arctic white (12mm)
SL.770.500.3 500mm
SL.770.600.3 600mm
SL.770.800.3 800mm
SL.770.1200.3 1200mm

- Pebble grey (12mm)
SL.770.500.4 500mm
SL.770.600.4 600mm
SL.770.800.4 800mm
SL.770.1200.4 1200mm

All slabs are solid Silestone quartz with 20mm height. All slabs come with waste hole cut out.

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