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Inspire 400 Atlanta Suite

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A stunning glass-fronted inset gas fire with an authentic ‘campfire’ log fuel bed and, in a first, Valor’s Luminaire under-bed LED lighting technology that creates an additional warming glow from within the fire. This unique feature creates an enhanced flame picture when the gas is turned on, whilst providing year-round ambience from your fire with the gas turned off.

Wall mount, set into any standard fireplace opening, or choose from a selection of luxurious suites to enjoy this premium effect that elevates any living room. An additional choice of liners and trims means Inspire 400 can be further tailored to your home.

The Valor Inspire 400 model offers an outstanding 84.5% efficiency with impressive heat output from 1.1kW to 4.0kW with easy to operate Fireslide or Remote control option. Easy to install, service and backed by a three-year guarantee for peace of mind, Valor’s Inspire 400 is a simply beautiful fire, providing affordable elegance to any home.

The Inspire 400 model comes with a choice of three surrounds suites – Atalanta, Palermo & Vicenza. The surrounds suites from the Inspire Collection are made from beautiful materials naturally formed over millions of years, they have very individual features and characteristics encapsulated within them. From inside the raging furnaces of a cooling world there are the flowing swirls and veins of the molten rocks and from the crashing shores of oceans long ago, there are the shells and fossils nestled among the silt and shingle of ebbing tides.

The engine pictured here is the 400 with 3-sided edge trim in Chrome, with black liner and campfire logs.

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