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Ultiflame VR Luminaire 800 Suite

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The U-VR Luminaire 800 is a freestanding electric suite that requires no installation and creates an instant and attractive fireplace solution for your home. Beautifully built into the surround and framed with an extended front beam this full-depth fire displays bright and beautiful ascending flames from the deepest, most realistic 'Active Blazing Embers’ ever designed into an electric fuel effect.

The realism is sensational, the 'Real Wood Logs'' look stunning.

The Ultiflame VR Luminaire 800 Suite is simple to operate, and benefits from integrated design features for optimal energy saving performance, and assurance. Sit back and relax with CELSI and experience warmth and comfort at home where it matters most.

*Note: This suite requires no installation, simply place down and plug in. 100% Real wood logs are naturally authentic and unique, log variation will accrue from images shown.

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